Welcome to Koh Tan (Dog-free Island)

Koh Tan is shaped like a train
gular spire, about 3 km. wide and 4.5 km. long, with an area of about 7.5 sq.km. Between the east and west bays.

Koh Tan has 3 hills : Khao Khiam, it speaks at 218 meters above sea level. Covered by quite mature forest. The second hill is in the middle of the island, and one in the north of island.
The bay is on the east side of the island with a long beach and breathtaking coral reefs. In the west bay, you will find a small mangrove forest and a rocky beach white quite shore and coral reefs.

The settlement on Koh Tan Island began with a population of just 2 households and expanded to over 100 households in the last 30 years and left only 30 households today due to immigration.
The island community has settled for about 200 years, with populations from Koh Samui pioneering coconut and fruit trees as well as timber cutting to Koh Samui, so Koh Tan is a major source of income for Koh Samui . Even nowadays, Coconut fruit is abundant. Koh Tan has also a small fishing area. And is a major coral attraction of Koh Samui.

Koh Tan Island is well known. In a unique way, it is the only place where no dogs live and according to legend whenever dogs arrived on the island they mystically disappear. Some people say it is because of the holiness of the island and some say it is because of the sound waves, magnetic fields or germs that are harmful to dogs, etc. Until today, no one dares to try and bring over dogs. And the community do not advise to try it.